Location Edit Appeal >10m

Title of the Wayspot: Crawley Down Football Club.

Location: 51.12641,-0.075095 (incorrect)

Correct location: 51.125870,-0.074544

City: Crawley Down village.

Country: United Kingdom.

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support my claim:

Additional Information: The wayspot image, name, and description are of the Crawley Down Football Club entrance sign. This sign is by the road, at the entrance to the site, under a tree. This can be seen in one of the supporting photos or on StreetView. It is not in the current location, which is a half pipe for skating. This half pipe can be seen in the other two supporting photos; it is not by a football club sign and isn't even at an entrance to the pitch. Correct location is 51.125870,-0.074544



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