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I personally have not submitted any of these but I am wondering if any of these peoples gravestones are even worth submitting. Thomas Hendricks Sr, Ira Glanton Grover, James Bradford Foley, Reuben Smalley, Aldred Scott Warthin


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    No idea who they are and the names don't mean anything to me.

    Would all depend on the write up you did for them, how old, how important etc. Gravestones are not a one answer fits all candidate

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    Are those historical persons (persojns you would actually know when you hear their name) or just any random old gravestones?

    I submitted a gravestone of our famous poetrist "Detlev v. Liliencron", having multiple memorials in the surroundings and even his own parc. That worked very good.

    I would submit them when you could ask another player fot this name and he would know this person.

    -> sadly, this is hard to proove for other reviewers, so you need to proove them via weblinks that this is a valid POI.

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    If their gravestone has information that demonstrates they were historical figures then they would be eligible. If not then if googling the name takes you to a page that does this and is consistent with the place, dates and of course name in the submission then they are eligible.

    I googled the first two names in your list and they would look to be interesting enough to be eligible to me with relevant pages coming up.

    Keep the title to the person's name to make googling easy and use the description to briefly give a biography that shows about their life story and is consistent with what you find googling that person.

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    I appreciate all of your comments. I am basically just looking for advice because I have “zero” experience with submitting gravestones. I’ve submitted a lot but when it comes to graves, I don’t know what to do or where to begin because I know they’re so hard to get accepted. I may give it a shot. What the least that can happen? The answer is they get denied. Life goes on. I appreciate all of your comments more than you know & im sure others do as well

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    I also work for the website Ingenweb for the county that I live in & am a frequent photographer for ancestry website findagrave taking photos of the graves within the cemetery so the easy part is finding the graves. The hard part is the bio description & supporting info

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    Pienso que las lápidas no deberían ser elegibles aunque sean de alguien famoso o reconocido, ya que la tumba de al lado puede pertenecer a una persona normal y que la visita a ese lugar por el juego puede molestar a los que visitan a sus familiares en el interior del cementerio. Por otro lado pienso que las entradas a los cementerios si serian válidas ya que no entras al interior ni molestas a los que visitan a sus familiares fallecidos.

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    Me parece una falta total de respeto hacia nuestros muertos, que la gente vaya a jugar a zonas de culto.

    consideran retirar los colegios, sin embargo invitan a ir a jugar a los niños y mayores al cementerio.

    Considero, que no debería haber ni conocidos, ni desconocidos.

    Las zonas de culto deberían ser respetadas.

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