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No new portals? wayspot creation turned off?

Belahzur-INGBelahzur-ING Posts: 631 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Hi @NianticCasey-ING - Following on from your post about the new wayspots syncing to hpwu, have you guys switched off submissions from reaching consensus? I've been speaking to some of the UK team in Telegram and were not seeing our average rate of upgrade turnaround. I've had a total of ~30 agreements in the past 24hrs (suspect edits and not new wayspots), and I review a lot so that's not normal for me, even the London team who are in limbo have upgrades in voting that haven't come back in 24hrs now, despite their upgrades normally taking ~6-8hrs roughly.

Before anyone else post, this isn't a post about not enough reviewers, split decisions and review times etc, I assume other countries and other people are seeing the same thing happening though.

Not a complaint Casey, merely just curious, I know you've done this before when the Wayfarer 3.0 update went in as we saw agreements slow down massively then too and I remember seeing a post from you that new portals were switched off, I'll see if I can find the post.

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