Massive Abuse and Fakes, Schwarzenberg Part 1

City: Schwarzenberg (Erzgebirge)

(postal numbers 08312, 08340, 08344)

Country: Germany, Saxony

The massive Faking and abusing there started when PoGo was allowed to submit (Germany was beta test region). I know this town, and so I can say that nearly 50% of the wayspots, that appeared since trainers were allowed to submit are fake or at least submitted in a very distorted location by intention. One can easily see, that there is a high degree of S2 cell optimization "achieved":

So I will give you a few examples of very obvious fakes.

@NianticEG @NianticKK @NianticCasey-ING

So please check the meta data of the pictures of other submissions of the fakers and re-review them too; especially in terms of location accuracy. So please use all opportunities your database has, and re-review all submissions since the PoGo-submitting-beta in terms of location accuracy of the supporting picture, and the metadata. If there is any doubt in comparison to the satelite map.... remove the wayspots.

Further: please be very strict to the creators of these fakes/missplacements.The region there is highly prioritized by your distribution algorithm, and evrything could be back by resubmitting within a week. So if you don't hit the creators of these fakes with at least strikes nothing will change there.

Doing this the normal way with reporting evrything, collect proof for evry single one, and then do appeals would be a ton of work and a large waste of time for me. So please evry technical opportunity your database has ..... check the metadata, the quality of the supporting picture. If the supporting pictures are useless there, then for sure by intention to trick the reviewers and hope they go for 3* in location accuracy category.

Fitness trail on a cemetery

Title: Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 1


Title: Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 2


Title: Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 3


Title Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 4


Title: Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 5


Title: Trimm-Dich-Pfad Station 6


Numbers 1,2,3,5 and 6 are obviously placed on cemetery grounds, and perfectly aligned with the cell grid. The way they are placed doesnt make sense and doesnt follow any given pathway. Number 4 is barely outside of the graveyard, but the picture doesnt make sense for that location, too. If the picture is taken in southern direction, then there should be andy kind of wall of fence in the picture, the cemeteries border.... If the picture would be taken in northern direction, then the terrain would be way around. It has to be downhill in looking in northern direction there, and there is no hint for this junkyard at this place.

Also allegedly on the ground of the cemetery, an infoboard about butterflies. This one made me laugh ....

Title: Infotafel "Einheimische Schmetterlinge"


A bunch of wayspots on K12 grounds

There are 4 wayspots, that are obviously on the area of a school:

Title: Insektenhotel Schwarzenberg


Title: Spielplatz "Landmann-Straße"


Title: Wald-Xylophon


Title: Tastbaum im Ottenstein-Park


Next to the school is a kindergarten, and the playground-wayspot is on its grounds according to OSM.

Title: Spielplatz "Alte Annaberger Straße"


A public accessible playground wayspot is the one in the south east of this one.

Plaque-wayspot at the wrong bridge

There are two similar plaque-wayspots, that are both part of the same bridges railing. But one of them is missplaced to another bridge:

roughly correct placed plaque:,12.786949&z=17&pll=50.538705,12.786949

wrongly placed plaque:,12.787681&z=17&pll=50.538775,12.787681

According to both pictures it's obvious, that the left bridge is the right one. Hint for this are the wooden planks on the ground, that are characteristic for footbridges, and by far not car accessible concrete bridges like the other one. So please move the second one this way:

The 5 Christmas Huts

There is a very iconic set of wooden huts with giant nearly life-sized examples of wooden figures, that are made in the famous style of the local Christmas Decoration of the Ore Mountains. The huts are located in the steep street between the train station and the medieval old town centre on the mountain. The street is named "Bahnhofstraße" and how it looks there, you can see here and especially how they are arrranged here .

Although the interiour of the huts is giant Christmas decoration, it's permanently installed in the huts. The point is, that the doors of the huts are usually only open during winter times. so this fulfills the given Criteria for being permanently installed and the huts and their interiour are great and legit wayspots.

Correct placed example:,12.78427&z=17&pll=50.540468,12.78427

Now the problem:

The people there not only submitted the other huts at totally different places, they submitted them also all twice: During summer times the huts are closed and then there are temporary infoboards placed in front of them. Because being temporary, they shouldnt be wayspots. Despite this, they were totally misplaced submitted too, but by intention.

The duplicate infoboards, temporary installed:

Title: Wandbild Drache


Title: Wandbild von Ritter Georg


Title: Wandbild Ritter Georg beim Kampf gegen den Drachen


Title: Wandbild Ritter Georg Sage


Title: Wandbild Ritter Georg auf seinem Pferd


So here a picture of the supermarket, where most of the infoboards are (miss)placed around it:

So you can see, that all the small pediments of the giant supermarket building aren't fitting the wooden style of the huts and all of the infoboards locations are obviously lies.

Nethertheless, since they are temporary installed objects, please remove them from the games.

At the area of the supermarket is another portal, that doesnt fit the style of the buidling, so please remove it. too:

title: Zwei Drachen


So here a list of the huts, that are legit wayspots:

roughly correct placed:

title: Alte Schmiede


Missplaced (by intention!)

title: Figurenensemble Bergleute mit Seilzug


title:Figurenensemble Bergmannskapelle


title: Schnitzerstube


The 5th one is missing ..... or at least I didnt find it.

So please move the three missplaced wayspots to the street "Bahnhofstraße". Please arrange them equidistant in a row following the red line:

In the box you can see one of the huts in the sat view. Proof, that they are there is given above.

I don't know in which order they are exactly, but that's a minor problem that I (or someone else) can correct with location edits afterwards. Only thing I know out of mind: the wayspot "Schnitzerstube" is rather north....

A very intresting garage yard ....

Here you can see a garage yard and south of the garages is the parking area for the teachers of the school at the bottom of the picture. The garage yard and the parking area each have a facade stucco object ..... did the reviewers of those disgusting fakes even have a look at the map? The insects hotel wayspot between them doesnt fit too. the background in the pictures looks totally different to what the sat view shows.

title: Stein-Relief Wappen


title: Insektenhotel Schwarzenberg


title: Stein-Relief Ritter Georg


The last one is stolen from the schools building. On its website (1st pic of the slideshow) you can see, that this relievo is above the entrance of the school. The other portal in front of the school ..... I can't judge, whether this are is considered to be part of the school, because it's a historical building and the area in front of it is arranged like a little park, I would say in dubio pro rheo.



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