Fake Pokestops

wayspot title : CAL Norte    Ubication:  -11.98379290971678, -77.05917622728496  
wayspot title: Pileta Solitaria Mall Royal   Ubication:-11.990089189812489, -77.06283811310122
Country :Peru
poke stops that no longer exist

fake pokestop catch:

This bar association no longer exists, and now the house is private property. For this reason, I think they should eliminate this pokeparada since it doesn't exist.

Also in that street called "Jirón El Anis" is a very unsafe area, especially at night, since there are many criminals there. It has already happened to my friends and family that because they were fighting in the gym they had their cell phones stolen and that is why I think that this pokeparada should cease to exist.


In the images I have put the capture of the no longer existing pokeparada, and also photos that I have taken a few days ago where you can see that there is no "lonely pool", since I always pass by that place and I have never seen said pool. I hope you can take the necessary measures for this case, thank you very much.



  • Thanks for flagging, @Deg0linActionYT-PGO! I've now escalated the report internally for review. We will follow-up as we have more information to share. Cheers!

  • Hello again, @Deg0linActionYT-PGO! We have reviewed the reported Wayspots and have taken action on the Wayspot "Pileta Solitaria Mall Royal" in accordance with our policies. However, due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to take action on the Wayspot "CAL Norte". If you have additional evidence like multiple geotagged images or articles to share in order to confirm the actual location or to confirm its inexistence, please resubmit with additional information and we’ll take another look. Thanks!

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