Methods to reporting Wayspots

patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 452 ✭✭✭✭

As far as we know, there are some known methods to reporting Wayspots. Some methods that are frequently used:

  • In-game request. Just report the Wayspot with appropriate removal reason, and wait until processed. If rejected, appeal in this forum. This request is anonymous, unless you have to appeal the rejected report in this forum.
  • Form to request a modification or a removal of a Portal/Pokestop/in-game location in HPWU. Can be found at Niantic Support page. However, this form is only usable for property owner and/or administrator/supervisor/manager of an area (ex. the Commander of military bases).
  • The usual Wayfarer abuse form. Usable to report abusive edits and/or fake nominations in review. Anonymous, but you won't get any feedback from the report.
  • Report directly in this forum. Effective to report massive abuse in Wayfarer that couldn't be done with abuse form, from fake live Wayspots to massive clusters of Wayspots. It's not anonymous, so get ready to be harrassed by many angry players who saw your reports.

Is there any other methods to report Wayspots? Also, is there any specific method to report many invalid/fake Wayspots or a location with massive cluster of Wayspots, anonymously?


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