Schloss Stromkasten Fake von anderem Ort

Wrong position Stromkasten:,7.513662&z=17&pll=51.717829,7.513662

real position other streetside of Pillar Statues:,7.532965&z=17&pll=51.654941,7.532965

To this fake i`ve Foto. But these 2 in this near, both on private property of a farm doesn't also exists. Here are the postions:

Gedenktafel an ehemalige Rechtssprechung inside a house: 51.718615,7.514551 and

Kriegsgefangenendenkmal: 51.718538,7.514132

I think 3 fake at one place may be abuse. Please delete wayspots

In this area only Mein Hirt ist a correct wayspot



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