NO safe way to the portal

Title of the Wayspot: Stadtwappenstein Halle

Location: 51.442686, 12.038716

City: 06184 Zwintschöna,Saxony-Anhalt

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: with the supporting fotos you can see that there is absolutly no safe way to the portal. its literally 3m next to a main street with speed limit 70km per hour. next to the stone is just open field. please delete the portal for the safety of the players.



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    edited January 13

    First of all: you have to report the portal/stop in-game first, this way your report will be rejected.

    However, I'm very interested in what the outcome will be. Because on one hand, this does seem unsafe due to the closeness of the road. On the other hand, however, I'm pretty sure that you can safely - but definitely not comfortably - walk up to the PoI from the North, either from the direction of the football field or next to the agricultural field.

    I'm looking forward to the official answer to this one, once you report it in the correct way.

  • Appeal Denied - Appeal is in the wrong format. Please wait until you receive the rejection email to appeal the candidate.

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