"Taken necessary actions on the Wayspots and Wayfinders in accordance with our policies"

HaramDingo-INGHaramDingo-ING Posts: 225 ✭✭✭

What does the above really mean? Is it:

  • A continued warning with no bite* with infinite grace that Niantic will permanently suspend the Wayfinder and ban them from Pokemon Go?
  • The immediate rejection of the abusive Wayspot and withdrawal/removal from the voting queue (which isn't really happening, referring to Albion Park)? Or...
  • In dire cases, completely mass-reject all pending nominations (and edits) and completely suspend the Wayfarer account (for allegedly including URLs in the Supporting Statement... go figure...)

I understand that we can report abuse both within Wayfarer, using the Reporting Abuse in Wayfarer form or just publicly post it in a discussion here like most others do that does get responded to, but does the action really happen?

*note: reason for this post is because we have a local who continually asks people in Wayfarer to influence reviewers i.e. "please pick the location on the top-left for S2 cell purposes" and he has just gotten his FOURTH warning email a couple of days ago in the last twelve months, but nothing has ever happened to his account so he just keeps on doing it for experimental purposes.

Hopefully this year we will see real substance in these actions going forth maybe this year.



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