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Nomination disappeared after editing without any message

I nominated a pokestop with the title "Hősies tiltakozás emléktábla" and placeholder description and support message. I got the confirmation email and it appeared in the wayfarer. I applied upgrade next, and then edited the description. After hitting ok, I wanted to edit the supporting message, but the nomination was nowhere to be found.

I saw a similar thread about it:


However, my nomination is not abusive and does not violate any policy. It is a plaque on the wall of a church.

I understand you have some safeguard measures, but if I get flagged by a faulty algorythm, sure the least you could do is notify the user? This is an extremely unpleasant user experience.

Plus, as a side effect, my upgrade next is nullified and I either have to nominate something (if the timeframe allows), or use it on an existing nomination that may not need it.

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