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    The only one who has been engaged in "drama" has been the one posting baseless nonsense and then making hypocritical comments about needing proof to the contrary. And when their nonsense is refuted by direct quotes from @NianticCasey-ING, then go on about how having their false claims refuted is "drama" and that they are being bullied.

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    @WheelTrekker-ING You know you’re right actually. Didn’t think of it like that. Makes sense. Very well said. @MiDnIgHtZoMbIes-PGO Thank you. @TheFarix-PGO, I’m not causing any drama. Not here for that. No reason to point fingers or call people names or anything like that. Let’s drop it. It’s honestly just goofy to continue on with this conversation

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    @TheFarix-PGO You & I are a lot alike. I have noticed you will argue for what you believe in. I’m the same way. Let’s agree to disagree & just leave it at that. I will definitely like things that anyone who has commented posts. I hold no grudges. I have respect for everyone & respect opinions as well. We all have our own opinion. I am done commenting

    @RamenNoods2go-PGO I don’t need anyone to take sides. There’s no need for anyone to have to take sides

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    I feel like I've heard this somewhere. 😂

    It's very logical though. People had a new inn game function that forced them to pay attention to the real world object all of the sudden and some people noticed it wasn't there! Then they reported it! This isn't surprising. I know some people folks are claiming that poi that exist got removed, but if the in game location and are too far apart, the players who haven't really paid attention up to this point aren't likely to be familiar with this phenomenon, and I doubt whatever low paid employee is dealing with reports is going to look and see if the object happens to be half a block away.

    So scanning doesn't remove poi, missing poi and mis-located pins remove poi. The lesson to be learned is to work to keep an honest correlation between the real world objects and the in game poi. Don't keep using that poi that got removed a year ago because it's convenient, otherwise you'll be upset when an honest player gets it removed. Don't fudge locations because it's easier or manipulates the map the way you like.

    And still don't do cheat scans, because it's still low-down. If you don't want to do the task, you shouldn't get the prize.

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    Added rejection criteria options is most helpful, thank you! I hope one day voters will be able to comment why they rejected (only if constructive and not abusive feedback) so it's easier to learn from your mistake! - (This is personal opinion speaking. I myself would appreciate feedback as sometimes it doesn't seem to matter how much I go over the rules I miss something.)

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    Hi :)

    I have questions: when nomination will change own status?? Now it have: "queue", I wait 2 month and nothing change.

    When it will be change??

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    I heard of a case where a wayspot was removed because it was relocated by the city. In this case it was a totem pole. It eventually got resubmitted and all was fine.

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    With the recent introduction of banned words, submitting in Italian (and probably in other languages) is a nightmare.

    Imagine putting all of yourself to make a precise and intriguing description, just to discover something into it has a banned word, even if you are 100% sure you didn't insert any profanity at all.

    Ingress players can submit at home by choosing photos from their gallery, but Trainers can't. With summer approaching, you end up melting in the sun trying to discover which of the innocent words you used is considered "banned" by Niantic. You try cutting away word after word, and after 10 attempts you give up and erase all the description, writing something useless just to have your submission accepted by the app.

    Can we PLEASE, at least, be told which word in the description or title is considered banned by Niantic? At the moment the most realiable way to submit something is submitting empty descriptions, just to edit them through wayfarer; but I don't think this is optimal.

    Did we really needed a profanity filter? Weren't reviewers sufficient to 1* those who contained bad words?

    Niantic please, smooth your banned word list: this is a nightmare!

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    Just a workaround and not a solution to the broken filter but.... You can always use a place holder text and update it in wayfarer afterwards (make sure to update it within 24 before it can go into voting).

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    Is it an idea to do a test again for bad reviewers? My friends nominations are keep getting rejected while it should be accepted, (it's in the accecptance critera) it really starting to annoy me now how lazy some people are. They simple don't read.

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    Are they actually referring to the Eligibility Criteria and not the "What is it?" list? The latter has many things that are not eligible some of which are explicitly listed on the Rejection Criteria as ineligible.

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    Have your friend create a post so we can all put in our 2 cents here. Can only help in the end

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    You needn't say "it gets 5* on TripAdvisor", you can put the link and let people see it for themselves.

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    The text might have a foreign word included which is banned, even as a part of a german word.

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    Todo esto es una **** niantics y unos que otros que solo se ponen a ser **** y no aceptar las nominaciones que uno pone de nada sirve comprar coins y haciedo rico a niantics y donde vives en un lugar donde el pokestop queda a 2 millas de donde eres y cuando logras llegar al nivel 38 y deceas hacer un pokestop y te diven que es invalido y pones 5 mas y te vuelven a decir lo mismo todo es ina ****

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