Title Edit Appeal : Spelling mistake in a Pokéstop title, but suggestion of correction rejected

Title of the Wayspot : Puit Napoleon lll

Location : 49.16542785566697, 2.402084526675932

City : Lamorlaye

Country : France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email : puits1.jpg below :

Photos to support your claim : screenshot of the French online dictionary "Larousse" : puits2.jpg (definition of "puits") and puits3.jpg (spelling difficulties of "puits") below :

Additional information : The title should be "Puits Napoléon III" because the French word "Puits" (well) is always written with a voiceless "s" at the end, even when it is singular. Forgetting the "s" is a common mistake but "Puits" without "s" is incorrect.



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