Invalid POI + a few location changes

Title of the wayspot: Stangenwald


City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Rejection Mail:

Additional information:

The installation got removed, it was only a temporaily installation.

Now to a few location changes (> 10 meters) also on the same area.

1 Naturspielplatz Karlshöhe

current location:,10.110752&z=17&pll=53.630779,10.110752

better location: 53.630835655693836, 10.110406326957817

obviouly, this playground is misplaced.

2 Schafstall und Wiese

current location:,10.112398&z=17&pll=53.629716,10.112398

better location: 53.63018928870386, 10.111069665373135

This installation earlier was placed in mid of a sheep yard, now it is located at the visitors center.

3 Rostiges Ding im Wald

current location:,10.111944&z=17&pll=53.628617,10.111944

better location: 53.628922, 10.111764

This POI is around 30-35 meters misplaced and is now in mid of a forest, its correct location is only reachable via the radius. Sorry for the bad pictures, I hope you can still see the installation and the geotag (I had to screenshot because y flash didnt worked and so I couldnt make photos with my geotag app) and move it. I also put a picture from ingame with the 40m radius in.



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