Reject reasons in-email for NON-english submitters, when?


First of all, thank you for the changes in Wayfarer and the communication of those changes.

Last update, Niantic introduced more reject reasons.

I love that an english submitter receive those reasons for a reject. That way it can learn and improve their submission.

What i don't like is that this is exclusive for people who has their phone in English. For non-english submitters, they only receive an "accepted/reject" email, no reasons, no way to appeal.

When is Niantic going to spread this to NON-english submitters?

Also an idea, is it possible to see the percentage of the reject reasons? Sometimes there is a lot of reject reasons in-email, some of those reasons doesn't make sense (It can make submitters and reviewers leave Wayfarer), so i think, it would be great to see what % of reviewers choose each reason. This way to the submitter, it is more clear what to change and that way improve their submission.

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