Fake crosses Eibenstock

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City: Eibenstock

Country: Germany, Saxony

Title: Heilige Jungfrau Maria mit Jesu Christi

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.493674,12.604377&z=17&pll=50.493674,12.604377

Screenshot of the rejection mail:

(not mine, but you can see I'm not the first agent, who found these)

Additional Information:

The wayspot picture has strange color changes. Looking at the picture on full size one can see very obvious Moiré-patterns. So the picture is taken at a PC Screen....


Title: Jesus Kreuz

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.485992,12.607985&z=17&pll=50.485992,12.607985

Screenshot of the rejection mail: not possible since this wayspot is out of my allowed range of movement during the corona lockdown (15km around home)

Additional Information:

The wayspot picture shows very obvious Moiré-patterns. So the picture is taken at a PC Screen....


Title: Heiliger Jesus und Maria

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.48976,12.603713&z=17&pll=50.48976,12.603713

Additional information: The wayspot picture is only 481x640 ..... so 3rd party source is very likely.


Further i want to add, that these types of Christian Figures are highly suspicious in this part of Germany. Saxony is mostly atheistic, and those who are Christians are mostly Protestants. But all of these Crosses and figures are Catholic symbols, because Protestants usually don't use idols of Jesus or other saints. So Protestant way crosses are blanc and without a Jesus figure.

So further highly suspicios wayspots:



  • Thanks for flagging, @Raachermannl-ING! I've escalated your report internally for review. We will follow-up as soon as we have more information to share.

  • Hi @Raachermannl-ING! We have reviewed the report and have taken action on the Wayspots "Heilige Jungfrau Maria Mit Jesu Christi" and "Jesus Kreuz" in accordance with our policies. However, due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to take action on the Wayspots "Heiliger Jesus und Maria" and "Heiliger Jesu". If you have additional evidence like multiple geotagged images or articles to share in order to confirm the actual location or to confirm its inexistence, please resubmit with additional information and we’ll take another look. Thanks!

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