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Bad words filter blocks legitimate words in non-English languages

bilde2910bilde2910 Posts: 76 ✭✭✭

The bad words filter reacts to any substring of words that are on the list of blocked words, even if said substring is part of a word that is not offensive in the language used for the description of the wayspot.

Here's an example:

Dette tok slutt for 50 år siden.

This sentence is Norwegian and translates to "This ended 50 years ago."

Wayfarer prevents me from putting this sentence into a description on Wayfarer because one of the words above contains, as a substring, a certain bad word relating to some **** activity. However, the word (as a whole) is a perfectly acceptable word in Norwegian language. The error message returned when putting this in the description is "Failed to validate description."

Submitting in-game also provides non-descript error messages. Submitting such a description from Ingress will result in a generic "failed to submit nomination"-type error message, possibly indicating server issues, not a problem with the bad words filter. This is after usage of mobile data to upload the images for the nomination. I personally thought the nominations server was down until I tried to modify another wayspot in Wayfarer at home.

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