Be Very Very careful when editing titles and photos!

I submitted title and photo edits to 2 stops last week. One was a popular Cafe that had changed ownership and had a new name and sign above the front door. It had changed names before and the edits were successful that time. The other one was an art gallery that changed to a church. The title edits are still pending as far as I can tell. However, the photo edits kept being rejected after about 24 hours. After 3 rounds of rejections, I submitted a photo rejection appeal for each. The appeal did not go well. Both locations disappeared from Ingress and I finally received a reply to my appeal that both do not meet current criteria and were being "retired"! This has me baffled to say the least. Both of these will likely affect the number of stops in the L14 cell for each, and result in gym deletion. Both will get re-nominated, but without an upgrade, these will not reappear for months. I will likely NEVER make edits again.


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    This is a big issue. People are terrified that doing the AR scans will result in stops being deleted. We've been told that won't happen. But editing POI is absolutely resulting in changes to the playing area. Someone recently moved a POI in my area that resulted in a gym being demoted and another one appearing. Not a huge issue except that I was 80%ish through silver on the old gym. Since it has been deleted, I have no idea when it will fall off my gym list. For now it is the 4th closest gym I have to gold and it just mocks me.

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    You can't change from an art gallery to a church.

    That's a totally different PoI and it should be submitted as a new candidate.

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    Actually, Niantic followed the rules. Invalid portal (Permanently removed)

    This was discussed a few times already, when you face a change of business, the "real" process is :

    1) Report invalid / permanently removed

    2) Submit the new business (if eligible)

    Let's think :

    -If the former business was an acceptable one, let's say a Post office, and now, this Post office moved and is now any "non eligible business", like an adult-oriented business. Why would this business entitled to keep the wayspot? Why would reviewers accept a new title and a new picture? (I know it's not your case, but Niantic will not "adapt" the process for each particular case.)

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    I see the points that all of you are making. Both locations will be re-nominated later today or this week. The church is very likely to be accepted, however the Cafe is iffy. Popular cafes, restaurants and bar nominations have been rejected by local reviewers lately. A few years ago we had no problems with these.

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    Go to the cafe's website to see if they have won any local awards or been featured on any local tv shows or in newspaper articles, magazines, etc. Do they have any kind of "homemade" products? Not sure if it's just coffee, but if they do sandwiches, do they have any signature dish that has been passed down in their family, etc? Do they host events? Do they have open mic nights (under regular conditions? If they don't have something that makes them unique other than "we like them," they will be hard to pass.

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    In my city there's a church that renamed itself. Same church, same congregation, same building, same location, same same same.

    But when I was last in the area to take pics/etc, back before Wayfarer was responsible for reviewing pics & edits, Niantic refused all of my updates. It probably didn't help that Google's car hasn't been by that way in too many years, nor that I hadn't had enough time that day to stand in a circle spinning for my own photosphere. I'd have thought Niantic themselves would have been better about recognizing architecture and all that.

    But they reeeeally didn't like when anything got "rebranded".

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    Yes, please do be careful. I wanted to appeal a photo of a playground that was rejected and they completely removed the portal on the basis that it does not meet criteria.

    I can also vouch for 0X00FF00's post, I think it was an Igreja that had a pretty neat redesign, still the same Church, but nope Niantic removed it for absolutely no reason.

    While I'm also trying to appeal for my own photo rejections (I had a whole bunch), I make sure that it isn't so different that it would be removed. Also for things like submitting things in the middle of roundabouts, it just ends up being removed (even if it shouldn't be there in the first place).

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    It's not going to fall off your list any time soon. I still have a gold badge from a gym that was deleted ~3 years ago.

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    @SeaprincessHNB-PGO 1000 gym badges is currently the maximum you can hold. When you visit your 1001st gym, the oldest badge will disappear.

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    I have a badge from a deleted gym that's just a smidge away from away from gold. It pains me a little bit every time I check the progress on my badges.

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    Or never restart your game again - then you can have more than 1000 xD

    I have the same problem ..... I cant count my gold badges any more. Something around 800, but some of them dropped out of the list. There is need for Nia to do something. That's demotivation at its best for me ....

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