Pokémon Go players need to be able to edit “ALL” Ingress Portals



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    @Hosette-ING I am 100% interested in everyone expressing how they feel. Thank you for being so forgiving as well. I really do apologize. I can be a dick sometimes if I get offended & there’s just no need for it. That is a great memory & it’s one you will carry with you for the rest of your life. It is awesome! That picture definitely needs to be framed. Super cool!!!! You have my respect for being so kind & for all you’ve said & done for others. Now I know. I appreciate kindness. I can agree with everything you have said above. Great statements! By the way, you look familiar!!! Were you at Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago? If so you traded my friend. If not you definitely have a twin out there somewhere. Haha. You are right there are far more bigger issues. This is a small scale issue. I just hope eventually they can do something to shed a little light on it & make things a little easier. Especially for those that are new to submitting. I feel terrible for anyone just getting started that doesn’t understand. Speaking of issues that reminds me of a quote from Zach Galifianakis character Marty Huggins from the movie the Campaign, “It’s A Mess”. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Things will get better with time. I’m here anytime you wanna chat. I’m a Lvl 48 in Pogo & lvl 5 in Ingress

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    I wish those that disliked my comments would go through & remove those dislikes. This isn’t the place for that. I didn’t dislike anyone’s comments so I would appreciate it if those that disliked my comments would remove those dislikes please. I’m the kind of person that will do anything to help anyone. I’ve driven 50 miles just to help someone who was new submit things several times. I’m not a bad guy & disliking my comments just makes me feel like I’m a bad guy or like we aren’t allowed to express our opinions. We can all do that. If anyone ever wants to just chat reach out to me

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    Pokémon Go players don't keep quiet though. These forums are filled with posts about how they don't like thr system. There's Facebook groups where they discuss how to cheat the system. They're on Twitter and Reddit raging behind their screens because "moar stopz plz".

    The system isn't perfect but I'd hardly say it's unfair.

    Poķémon Go, Ingress, and the other NIA games each have different mechanics and different game play aspects, which means they will have different rules on how wayspots are seeded in order to fit in with their gameplay and mechanics.

    Yes, Ingress has more wayspots but those wayspots are vital for the gameplay (making links and fields being the best way to gain AP and MU which are fundamental to the gameplay). Pokémon Go has Pokémon showing up on the map to be caught, as well Team Rocket balloons, and other things. HPWU is littered with creatures and other things to do. I assume Catan will have more than wayspots on the map (I can't say for certain since it's not available in the UK yet).

    I got into Ingress for the sole purpose of creating new pokéstops and gyms before Pokémon Go could do submissions because of the lack of wayspots in my town. However, I've seen how badly it can mess up things on Ingress when people start doing location edits, especially when those edits are moving it to somewhere inaccurate.

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    @TheZodiac007-PGO No, I haven't been to Go Fest. I've gone to countless Ingress anomalies but I'm really not much of a fan of Pokemon GO. I love Ingress because it's competitive and I can actually change the state of the playing field with my actions-- I can blow up my opponent's stuff, build my own, make fields... and I can work on large "art project" fields that involve dozens or hundreds of players working in perfect coordination to throw fields that encompass several US states. PoGo doesn't have those layers of competition and creativity. I'm not saying it's a bad game... it's just not really my flavor..

    As for guidance for new submitters, YES! I really wish that they would rework the submission process so that submitters had better step-by-step guidance. The first thing that should happen is that the submitters should select the "what is it?" category, and then they would be shown guidance tailored to that specific selection. There should be much better guidance about supporting info, not "explain why it's important", but more like, "Help reviewers understand your submission. How does this location add value to the area? What makes it interesting and unique?" For the supporting photo there needs to be guidance that says something like, "Show your submission and the larger area around it to help reviewers locate your submission." There should also be Yes/No questions, "Is it safe for pedestrians to walk here?" "Is this on private residential property?"

    Just fixing the submission (yeah, I know they switched to nomination but I'm old school) process would improve things for both submitters and reviewers. If submitters were coached to make betters submissions from the get-go we would avoid a lot of the "My submission was falsely rejected!!!!" discussions that happen because people either submitted something that was wildly ineligible or they submitted something reasonable but did a horrible job of the submission itself. If we could stop submitters from submitting a lot of non-qualifying stuff then there would be that much less stuff to review and the queue would move faster. All of this would probably motivate reviewers too because they'd fewer horrible submissions.

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    That it can only be done from ingress is a way that niantic has to attract new players to its base game so that in that way it can raise more money with some than other players who like ingress prime because at the end of the day it is a company and companies are always looking for ways to make money

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    @Hosette-ING Exactly! A lot of Pokémon Go submitters don’t understand what submittable criteria actually is. Even for those that aren’t submitting nominations. Where I live people won’t submit because they’re afraid. Out of the gate I pretty much single handedly submitted everything around me because others were afraid to mess up like they’re going to get punished for a submission getting denied. Submitters also shouldn’t be afraid to mess up. Understanding criteria will make those who are afraid to submit not be afraid anymore & step up & help us on Wayfarer. I literally had to walk some through the process; taking their phone & teaching them how to do it. Which helps, I guess. I say submission as well instead of nomination. I’m old school as well. The system right now really confuses more people than it doesn’t. The system will already be a million times better when more submitters understand that just because they think that something should be submitted doesn’t always mean that it should. A lot of it is common sense & not as hard as it seems. Most submissions I see that shouldn’t be submitted are obvious & if the submitter had known they wouldn’t have wasted their time. Knowing what is acceptable compared to what is not is a major start

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    Truthfully, I and many others I've spoken too think Pogo player should not be allowed to nominate portals or do anything of the sort. They've ruined portal nomination since this started. My biggest pet peeve are the Taco Bells I've seen approved since then, and how nothing has artistic, historical, educational, cultural or any civic value anymore. And there are just too many. Mostly it's just a bunch of random SIGNS in parking lots all crammed in on top of each other so you guys can "catch'em all" without moving.

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    @WearyExile-ING This is old news & only one persons opinion. Everyone can be blamed for the trash getting accepted. Ingress & Pokémon. It goes both ways. No one can point fingers. I’ve seen ignorance on both sides of the aisle. It just depends on if the person has trained themself by correct standards.

    I believe that if we can all submit them we should all be able to maintain them. Especially if they’re abuse. This thread is old though & is unreliable. I dont believe the topic needs brought back up

    I also recommend not to refer to a community as you guys. If you’re trying to single someone out I recommend taking it elsewhere. This isn’t the place.

    Only spoofers catch them all without moving so that statement doesn’t make any sense

    I have nothing else to say

    Have a good day! This is why I have stopped using this forum as much because of people being so opinionated that they spew ignorance all over the place. Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing instead of anything at all

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