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Wayspot Wrong reasons for rejection

Brukterra-PGOBrukterra-PGO Posts: 365 ✭✭✭✭

First of all, sorry for the bad English.

I ask myself the following questions and would like to discuss the topic with you - and with Niantic.

1. Why do reviewers decline for wrong or completely pointless reasons?

If you don't know the right reason to reject it, why not at least use "Other Rejection Criteria"?

The player who submitted the wayspots receives completely wrong reasons in the rejection email and does not know what he can do better or what was done wrong.

2. Unfortunately, such cases are currently increasing in the groups in which I am active. Today I saw an example where a playground was rejected on the grounds that it was offensive or the proposal trolled other players. But that was a completely normal playground in the correct place. Today I had a case like this with myself. An information board in the forest with high local importance - which can even be researched on the Internet - was rejected on the grounds that it was a fake ?! The information board is permanent and has been there for many years. I am now concerned that I may. being wrongly flagged and possibly drawing consequences from it.

3. Now I wonder if there will be consequences in the future for people who deliberately choose the wrong reasons?

4. And I also ask myself whether there is a penalty for the submitter from a certain number of rejections with the reason "abuse". Because in my case it was a legitimate wayspot and I don't want to be wrongly flagged or punished.

What are your opinions on this?


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