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nearby wayspots not appearing to check for duplicates


This is the second time in 24 hours that i am reviewing a local nomination and the nearby pokestops do not appear so that I can confirm the nomination is a duplicate. The wayspot does exist as I was there just today. This is particularly difficult to rate for one nomination since it is a trail marker that would be dangerous to access if an entrance trail marker wasnt already a waypoint. The safety depends on if a waypoint does infact already mark the entrance to the trail. The other nomination already existed but did not show up at all on the wayfarer site map. So far, I can only confirm this is the case for my local town since i am not familiar with others. please help as i do not know if this is intentional and multiple trail markers for the same trail are still not clearly defined as eligible or not and by what means. Either way nearby existing waypoints that are similiar or thr same and do in fact exist are not appearing on the wayfarer site map at all. No other waypoints are appearing on the map when therr are in fact in real life already pokestops. I cant confirm if they are duplicates or not.

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