Criteria of trail signs

Are they valid? are they not?. When I voting I see maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany signs everywhere, and close to other previosly accepted signs (and not only big stakes or poles with the names of the trails, but also a square white stick with a black arrow marking a direction on the side of a single door, or somewhere else).

Because I have one stake like one metre tall, with the kind of trail, the plaque of oficial trail and all of that, and it was rejected like 5 times. It´s in goole maps, it can be seen perfectly, and even with the 2º photo there are no doubts where it is ubicated.

To know it,, and start giving 1º to any single sign I see from now.

And there are any sign-portal arround. I mean, this is the second portal I nominated in the área, in an area almost empty!


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