Save As Draft/Rough Draft Nomination Option

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How does everyone feel about this? You’re out & about & want to submit some things but you’re in a hurry & don’t have time to do anything but take a photo of the object or POI. Do you think there should be some type of rough draft option that way you can edit your nomination at another time that way you can think out a plot for title/description/supporting info or even decide afterwards that you don’t even think it’s submittable & just remove it without losing a nomination without it ever going into voting before you get to edit it or polish it up. You decide. There are many options at play & the positives far outweigh the negatives

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    Would be good, but can lead to massive abuse.

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    It seems like regardless no matter what we do there will be abuse one way or another though sadly @LukeAllStars-PGO . I posted once but it never appeared so I apologize if my original post appears & this one does too. I wish Niantic would do something to keep those who are abusing, cheating, selling accounts, & even spoofing from being able to submit. Some need banned entirely, in my opinion. The positive out of all of it is Niantic is ahead of other mobile gaming companies as other games don’t punish cheaters as much. There is a player local to me that has been bragging to his co worker about buying accounts with shiny Pokémon from EBay & trading them to himself. He was originally an admin in our local discord but has since been removed & I don’t even think he notices. I have decided it’s best not to mention it to this person & to just report it to Niantic. As of now nothing has happened of it. That’s for another discussion I suppose but an example of abuse. If we kept those who cheat or abuse the system from submitting maybe that could fix some of the flaws in the meantime or possibly just give this type of rough draft option to only ingress players for now & see how it goes. Just ideas. I’ll do whatever it takes to try to come up with something to make the game better in any way.

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    Yes, this is already largely available (as long as you have Wayfarer access). My initial submissions are always made with "To do" as the description and supporting info. I suppose it could be formalized with an optional checkbox that stops the submission from going into voting until it's edited, but that might end up causing more problems than it does help.

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    I also normally just dont put any kind of efford in submissions, because the game keeps crashing. Thats very anoying. Editing at home is way safer

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    This really isn't what I understood the original post to be about. I absolutely agree that "upload later" should be an option. I was reading the original poster's suggestion to be "upload now, but edit later," which we largely already have.

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    I always put in minimal information when I'm out and about then edit at home. Typing on a phone is just too clumsy.

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    @everyone I am talking about upload later as well. Saving to upload later. Saving as draft = Same thing

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    I am the same way, I always edit at home. It’s much easier. From Pokémon we do take the chance of a nomination going into voting by waiting until later though. We don’t have an option to stop them from going into voting especially if you get an accidental upgrade. It instantly goes into voting. There should be an option to stop from going into voting so we can edit our stops later. Like @SeaprincessHNB-PGO the park near me is the exact same way & I have to do the exact same things that she mentioned. I’m looking for a way to make things easier for us if possible

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    @flatmatt-PGO The idea that I am transpiring is exactly what @SeaprincessHNB-PGO is mentioning as well. A rough draft/ remote submit process. Apologies I didn’t explain to the fullest. I was just intending to present an idea & seen what became of it. What she explained is exactly what I mean

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    Rough draft and submit later are totally different things. While I stand by mí view on further restricting where a submission can be initiated or what pictures it can include, I think having a submit later option is a great idea and, according to the latest data mining info, it might be coming soon to Pokemon Go.

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    I meant for my intention of a rough draft to be something that isn’t finished that needs polished up later to be the way that it needs to be seen when it is being reviewed. Because it basically is a rough draft in being that it is complete but not finished/ polished. Thank you for your information @Lechu1730-PGO. that is very helpful information for everyone. If so, it will make everything easier for us

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    It could work... that the nominations are saved on a "draft" status, that will not make them go into voting until the users manually moves them to Submitted (Waiting List) status from the wayfarer site.

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 860 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This will be an exciting feature for sure

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    Seems to me you just want to have what we Ingress players already have: the ability to nominate emotely. Presumably Niantic doesn't want this ability to be available to too many people, lest abuse escalate, but it would be nice if you could "earn" the ability to nominate remotely by submitting a sufficiently high percentage of accepted nominations fo example.

    (I would love the ability to extend my remote nomination distance from 25km, because the majority of the other 1000 POI candidates I have in my database are between 25 and 35 km away...)

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    @exculcator-ING Exactly. Very well put. I’m afraid it will get abused as well but I do hope that something can be done. That is exactly what I hope the future looks like for us. Regardless, things can only get better I assume. I agree with your idea completely

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    @SeaprincessHNB-PGO I couldn’t agree more. It would change everything & I love that idea. If it weren’t tied to any game people’s reviews would be more accurate & precise too. A leveling system would fix this & could also allow us to obtain upgrades as well through it the same way. I just wish that it would allow us to decide if we wanted to upgrade a nomination instead of just picking one for us if we don’t have one set to be upgraded

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,313 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nice idea. However, if it were purely tied to our reviewing level then Niantic would have to provide feedback to reviewers regarding the submissions they review that don't agree with the majority community view. I'd love to know which of my reviews are contributing to the 35% I get "wrong", so I can improve my reviewing skills and score.

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    @TheZodiac007-PGO if you have android 10 or less phone you can submit up to 10 km.

    Using a third-party camera app, you can fetch the photo from the gallery.

    Don't waste time writing, just put random stuff. And then on the wayfarer website, you can edit the text.

    I don't see where is the novel idea.

  • WikiBlue-INGWikiBlue-ING Posts: 73 ✭✭✭

    Could also be an option for when you're out of submissions. Instead of the "wait 14 days" message, you can keep on submitting as much (drafts) as you want. But those will be saved as drafts until you move them from draft to an actual submission (once you have free slots again).

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    @jeyjeuks-ING Sadly I’ve got an IPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 14.4.

    Right now I just take the picture where I’m at & write the title & put random stuff in the description & supporting info until I can edit it later. I just hate taking the chance of it going into voting before I get to edit it I guess.

    The novel idea is to have a draft/upload later folder like you would for an email you’re typing out but not finished with or any other type of service that has a draft folder therefore we could photograph the POI/location we like into the database or even have a rough draft or remote submit process like Ingress has. I’m sure Niantic has permissions from companies like Google to prove location authenticity if needed as well. A lot of people have said that it could be abused, but we are taking that chance no matter what. With all of us working together we can fix the mess ups the abusers have made. I know we can.

    It will be helpful to more people than not due to the fact that some have bad cell service or just don’t want to have to spend the extra time to submit some things. I believe it would get more people involved if they didn’t have to do all of the work right there, at once.

    Like @WikiBlue-ING mentioned the idea that they will be saved as drafts until you move them from draft to an actual submission (once you have free slots again).

    Which is another great idea!

    It could change things entirely & hopefully it will once Niantic realizes it

    @Lechu1730-PGO mentioned above about a submit later option being data mined. I hope that it’s true

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 860 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This option is available now to everyone who doesn’t know

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    I don't like the idea of Niantic putting development effort into something (like "save as draft") that only benefits the places that are already disproportionately advantaged.

    I live 2 hours drive from a major city. Therefore my October 2nd nomination is still In Queue - so I can STILL edit it. I can't imagine living in the magical world where a nomination might go into voting before you can edit it - even with an upgrade. (I have 302 accepted wayspots and over 20,000 agreements, and am just tired of being punished for nothing.)

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 860 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @MargariteDVille-ING For me I live far from a major city as well but have found luck in taking the photos & typing one word into the description & supporting photo & then selecting to save & upload later. Then when I have time I figure out what needs to be written & write it down before I login in game & select upload. Then I login to Wayfarer & then copy & paste what I have written into my description & supporting info. The feature isn’t necessarily to benefit places that are disproportionately advantaged. It has been a major help for me because where I live I have nearly no cellular service so the upload later feature allows me to go home, connect to wifi, & then upload what I regularly couldn’t where I live because the service is so bad. I’m the same way. I have 500+ accepted wayspots & around the same amount of agreements. I travel a lot between a few small cities & the area I live in in the country. I’m about an hour & a half between major cities. I LOVE the upload later feature because it can’t go into voting until you upload it. The only issue is after you upload you need to edit if necessary, as soon as possible.

    I hate the fact that your nomination from October is still in queue. That issue needs fixed. That is far too long to set in queue. After a certain period of time they need to automatically go into voting/ or Niantic needs to figure out the areas where this is happening & review these nominations themselves.

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