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Location edits accepted during the last Pokemon Go sync interruption are still not synced in PoGo

ANDRE95xxx-PGOANDRE95xxx-PGO Posts: 13 ✭✭

Since the last Sync interruption in Pokemon Go location edits accepted between ~ 15/01 to 20/01 are still not synced in Pokemon Go. They went live in Ingress but not in PoGo.

I got a location edit accepted on January 17th, it went live on Ingress but still nothing on Pokemon Go.

Edit ID on the e-mail: hXnhg/w5A8CBnM1wFXcCMWlJmTnsd8Gg+PmFe3gj/VM=

Before the edit on the intel map:

After the edit on Ingress (from around 17/18 January):

Before and after 17/01 on Pokemon Go:

Nothing changed in PoGo after the edit got accepted.

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