Old gym returns to pokestop

Today, an old gym in the neighborhood, simply became pokestop, right after a group from another neighborhood joined to denounce the portals in my neighborhood, every day remove 1 real pokestop, every single day niantic removes 1 real portal from my neighborhood, please, return the gym, it is an old gym that several players use.

Title of the Wayspot: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular

Location: -19.452857,-42.545384

City: Ipatinga

Country: Brazil

Intel Map: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=-19.452857,-42.545384&z=17&pll=-19.452857,-42.545384

I also ask to review all pokestops taken wrongly from the neighborhood, they denounce it in a bad way, and niantic mistakenly takes requests.



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