"Not acceptable: Nominations for a park that do not include a signboard." redacted ?


I am looking for it but cannot find it any more, leaving this message on it - `


With the relaunch of the Wayfarer criteria, it’s possible that previous guidance regarding Wayspot eligibility or ineligibility is out of date. As such, we’ve removed these from this article, but have left the other information.

Please disregard previous, category-specific eligibility guidance and refer to the updated criteria for the most accurate information.


It was in Jan 2020 AMA, AFAIK.

May I know that whether there is still a rule that a park/plaza must include a signboard? thanks.


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    They don’t necessarily need a signboard. How ever, they do need a tangible spot for the poi to be attached to so a sign generally is the best option. Some parks have a playground which would be eligible in its own right. The problem people have is if they don’t have a sign they submit a picture of trees, which are not eligible. Sign would be best option if not you may try to use a permanent bench as the marker for the park. Although the you are likely to get rejected for the bench being generic

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