A Wayspot on a private property but reachable from the street

What if a potential wayspot (an outdoor statue) is in located closed area of private property but because it's just a couple meters from the fence it could be reachable for everyone walking the street - could this kind of nomination be eleigible?


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    The issue I have with this discussion (and this is a little off topic but similar idea) is that as a player in a more rural area, we do not have sidewalks. However the same public easement/access laws apply to neighborhoods as they do closer to the town center, which do have sidewalks. My neighborhood is a closed network of quiet cul de sacs. There are several POI that are great candidates for wayspots, Like a memorial plaque atop a street sign, or a community garden in the round about at the end of one of the cul de sacs. However because their are no sidewalk they have been rejected. Close to town where there are sidewalks those same types of plaques and community spaces have been able to get right through with no issue regardless of proximity to the house; which in most cases is much closer to the street as they were built decades earlier when houses where smaller and built clsoer together. It would be great if Niantic provided some leeway for rural players in that regard. I find the 40 meter rule creates scenarios where you end up punishing rural players while in a city or more "urban" town centers it is essentially ignored.

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    One thing you have to bear in mind is that it isn't Niantic who approves or rejects the nominations, fellow players are.

    What Niantic has stated is, more or less, anything within *Single Family Residential Property* should be rejected and everything that appears to be within 40 meters of SFRP should be carefully evaluated to make sure it isn't inside SFRP. Common areas of Multi Family Residential Property are valid, even if access is restricted to residents only. SFRP extends to the property line as locally understood, so there's no hard rule from Niantic on that other than saying that anything located on the exterior wall of a SFRP is to be considered part of it and should be rejected.

    So the problem here is that if there's no sidewalk nor other way to clearly determine where the property line is, the safe assumption is that it reaches the street. Only reviewers with local knowledge may be able to evaluate it otherwise.

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    1*. Sounds like a submission from someone living there who put a gnome statue to try to make their home eligible.

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    Totally agree but "guidelines" from Niantic very quickly turn into hard and fast rules for reviewers, especially those who I like to call the "Hollier then thou" Review Crew. They take everything that is posted as guidelines as stone carved rules. For example, there was a post from Casey about DMV's, and they should, in general, not be considered, with some exceptions, ie historic or unusual architecture buildings. I submitted a DMV located in an old historic mill building and clearly noted the building and the architecture in the submissions but it was labeled a DMV (because it is) and it was rejected. Guidelines that became scripture to folks.

    Its a fine line I realize... just an interesting conversation and one I hope continues so we can improve the system.

    I also take issue with DMV being characterized like a generic business but every single TH is fine (again I know that's not the guideline but that's how the rule is interpreted and how they are reviewed) and especially Post Offices are expressly allowed. I don't see a difference between the Post Office and the DMV. Both are mostly transactional facilities focusing on a B2C component.

    I'll hop off my soapbox now :)

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    Post Offices are expressly listed by Niantic in their Eligibilty criteria - viz:

    A great place to be social with others

    A favorite gathering place for friends or strangers alike, where you can share a drink or meal, be entertained, or watch public life happen. Or something that draws us together to share an experience in a locally and culturally relevant way.

    Examples of Wayspot categories

    • Post Offices

    Thats why Post Offices go through no matter what they look like and how old, or not, the building is. Whether you agree or not, it's one of those things that essentially "have" to be accepted or you run the risk of dropping your ratings. DMVs are not mentioned.

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    No. Everything on private residential property is ineligible. It doesn't matter what the object is or if it is accessable from a nearby street or sidewalk, being on private residential property trumps all other critiera.

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