New take: Ancient Stone Age monuments

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Original discussion:

So last year we had a minor argument on here, @YouLostAStar-ING wanted to be able to submit "mounds". I stand by my argument then, as Niantic's rules were written, that there was nothing submissible that was anything distinguishable from any other landscaping. I mean, we weren't even allowed to nominate public Parks if they didn't have signage or other identifiable non-common-object physical objects.

But. With Wayfarer 3.0 and onwards, as noted by @NianticCasey-ING and other staff, "natural features" is no longer cause for rejection. We can submit "plazas", which are literally nothing more than paved open spaces. And we can now submit parks, which aren't even that.

In a PM with Casey, he even confirmed that I would have now been allowed to nominate a tree. (Mind you, this specific tree is a still-living remnant of Upper Canada's very first Land Grant, so it's historic. Too bad the thing is standing on what is now PRP.)

And so in any case, I would like to take this moment now to put forth... The "mounds" and other stone age landforming could indeed now be submitted* under Niantic's current rules.

*I would just be wary that location placement of any such ancient artifacts/features be in a place where random collections of people invading the space won't damage them, ie. even archaeological ruins can be "sensitive locations". ie. cave paintings have flash and other photography BANNED. People coming to an area they otherwise wouldn't have can still have unforeseen consequences.


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