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Accepted POI not showing in Pogo despite following rules

Hello, I had a PokeStop submission accepted around 10:34 AM PST today. (Jan 28, 2021)

The Wayspot had appeared as a Portal in Ingress, but not as a PokeStop in Pokemon Go. There is a PokeStop nearby but in a different S2L17 cell. It follows all known rules including the most important of S2L17 and the 20m rule.

Here you can see the S2L17 difference, which is 2 different cells (circle is where PokeStop is supposed to be):

Here you can see the 20m distance (circled is the PokeStop called ‘Raspado Xpress Art Canvas’):

It would make no sense to have this not appear as a PokeStop since it is in a different S2L17 as the other stop. Help is much needed.

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