Changing in the wayfarer program since december 2020

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I have noticed a lot of refusal for falses reason since December 2020

The principal reason are

  • Natural features
  • No permanent installation

the problem is that most of the time both of those two reasons make no sense when you try to put a plaza you get of natural feature not made by humans (I don't know where those peoples have live on naturally occurring plazas but I want to go there) even on even on hiking sign like, where is it a natural thing when it's a metal sign with paint applied on it and a QR code to help you find your way on google map...

also now when you add sculpture in the ground or in walls you get the non-permanant feature the thing is buried in concrete in the ground sometime part of the sidewalk tilling and it's not permanent if that is not then everything I not permanent since they will be gone in 50 to a 100 years

Niantic I don't know what to do I really want to improve the game for everyone's but it's getting more and more frustrating, I started adding in the program last summer (2020) and it was magical to be able to be part of it but recently it just became frustrating I don't know if it's a lot of people trolling of if it's a bot reporting falsely without noticing.

what can I do to continue helping other players, and what can I do to help you in peculiar

Thank you


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