Nomination that I edited disappeared and when it reappeared,it got rejected without the modification

I did a nomination about a month ago, that disappeared while I edited it. Yesterday I complaint about the fact that I still had no news, but today(2nd febuary) I got a email saying that my nomination got rejected for the following reason : . (ps. yes the reason was only a dot in the email.) When I looked at my nomination, the modification I did before it got removed didn't saved. This is what it was supposed to have for title and description (ps. its in french):

Title : Centre d’arts martiaux Three Headed Beast

Description: Centre d’arts martiaux réputé et fondé en Estrie spécialisé en Jiu-Jitsu brésilien, des arts martiaux mixtes, du kick-boxing, du cardio-fit et de la boxe and this what showed up on my screen

I want to know why it didn't let me do my edit and why it got removed like this. I know its to prevent spam but I did my nomination like this to edit it at home.

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