Application for points of interest in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Hi, I would like to know if there is any official information on when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players will be able to request points of interest because not all players play the other games and it is quite uncomfortable that we have to depend on the players of Pokemon Go or of Ingress either to ask for help or to request a point of interest because there are players who only play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, that's my question, thank you.



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    I would also like to see this happen. Wizards Unite has been out for a year and a half, many players are now max level (or close to max level), and the ability for players to submit, and most importantly review, would be great for the wayfarer system.

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    +1 on assumption this will help curb the advantage movements of S2 manipulation by Pogo players by having more players who get negatively impacted by this. (Because pogo players succeeded in getting a stop put in a free cell to put in another stop adjacent... And because that stop is in the middle of a construction site, I can't hit it while playing ingress.)

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    Wizards Unite has enough issues with POI already. They had issues where POI didn’t sync for almost a year.

    Then after they finally synced in January, it broke again.

    I know that Wizards players should be able to nominate POI and I’m fully behind that but they have a lot of issues to fix firstly.

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