Fake duplicate photo of another nomination being presented as main photo of the portal

Title of the Wayspot: Маяк

Location: 55.032154,73.419876

City: Omsk

Country: Russia

Initially, the nominations were submitted as separate paintings on different doors of the same building. Two were accepted, and the third was marked as a duplicate. As a result, the photo of "Паровозик из Ромашково" was at the portal "Маяк". Then someone put a few likes on the photo of the locomotive, so that it became the main one and a second attempt to submit "Паровозик из Ромашково" will be rejected due to the fact that it is, allegedly, a duplicate. The "Маяк" must have a photo of the painting with the lighthouse, and the photo with the picture of the locomotive must be removed from this portal, because it's another unique nomination.


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