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I would like to know how an automatic upgrade and an upgrade next really works.

The nominations that receive the automatic upgrade leave the queue and enter the vote in a matter of seconds and, within a few hours, the result of the nomination vote comes out. Except in cases where an upgrade appears at night, because the number of active wayfinders is reduced.

The nominations that receive the upgrade next, unlike the previous one, don't appear to have received any upgrade. If the nomination is in the queue, it remains in the queue.If the nomination is in voting, it doesn't appears to have been given priority over the others as with nominations that are automatically upgraded.

In my mind, I am reviewing on the platform to receive an upgrade that looks like a placebo.

Upgrades next are the only ones where the wayfinder has the possibility to choose which orders it can spend it on, and at least I prefer the nominations that have been in the queue the longest. Because, for some reason, automatic upgrades always choose the latest orders.

The result: I have nominations in the queue almost a month ago.


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