Do driving schools meet eligibility criteria?

Does the "Driving School" designated by the Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission meet the eligibility criteria?

I think it meets the eligibility criteria for "education".

There is a government-designated driving school in Japan. This is a school for getting a driver's license.






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    I don't know how old the driving students are, but in Germany (where I live), the students normally still go to school. I would rate them 1* since they fall under the care of K-12 students. Also, they do not meet eligibility criteria in my eyes.

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    They are not eligible. Regardless of their connection to a K-12, they simply do not meet criteria.


    in Japan

    A motorcycle license (moped license, ordinary motorcycle license) can be obtained from the age of 16 (however, depending on the high school, driving a motorcycle may be prohibited by school regulations)

    An ordinary driver's license can be obtained when you are 18 years of age or older.

    Generally, people over the above age can join.





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    There is no "education criteria." The closest thing is the Exploration criteria, which states (in part):

    "Somewhere or something that tells the unique story about a place, its history, its cultural meaning, or teaches us about the community we live in."

    A driving school does not teach people about the community. It just teaches them how to operate a vehicle.

    Also, please note that the acceptance criteria were revised a few months ago, and the old AMA answers largely do not apply any more.

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    First of all, "Help> What makes a good Wayspot?" Describes a place of educational value, so it can be judged that educational facilities meet the appropriate standards.

     It is a facility that teaches the skills and knowledge to obtain a driver's license, which also serves as an ID card, so it is a place of educational value. 

    Regarding age, it is not K12 because it is available from 15 years old and over in Japan, there is no upper limit, and it does not correspond to any kindergarten to high school.

     In Japan, it is a public facility because it is established under the approval of the police subordinate organization.

    If you deny it because of the age of the user, all the parks used by children will be NG, and if the educational facilities are not good, all the universities will be NG. 

    However, I do not know the circumstances other than Japan, so I think it would be better to make a decision according to each country.

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    The criteria are what is listed under the "Criteria" tab. The list you're referring to is just general guidance, and even then I believe you are misinterpreting it. You came here to ask if a driving school meets criteria, and we have told you that, based on our experience and knowledge of the criteria, it does not. You are of course free to submit whatever you want, but you shouldn't be surprised if and when it gets rejected.



    We look forward to hearing from you.

    University approved

    vocational training school approved?

    Is the government-designated driving school accepted? 

    Where is the difference?







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    I live in Taiwan and speak a little bit of Japanese. I agree that an institution for getting a driving license is not a good candidate. However, with the additional information you provide, the “driving school” in Japan does more than giving driving licenses.

    If I interpret it correctly, “教習所の一日開放” means “open day of the institution.” It is a bit like a funfair. In my opinion, it falls into the category of “a great place for exploration.”

    Moreover, the institution also responsible for the education of traffic safety in the local area. Similar to the charity, it is eligible because it makes contributions to the local community. There is a cultural significance behind the institution.

    I would suggest you focus on a great place for visiting or contributions to the local community. A driving school without these features does not meet any criteria.

    Please correct me if there is any misunderstanding. I’m not very fluent in Japanese.

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    The education critiera was ment for locations that promoted learning of history, the sciences, and the arts. Vocational schools (which train job skills) were always iffy at best. But a driving school is, in my opinion, not what Niantic intended with the criteria. And based on how frequently this nomination is rejected, I'm not in the minority opinion of that.

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    I don't speak Japanese so I can't comment on the screenshots and text you shared, but in general I fail to see the cultural significance of a driving school. Universities and higher education in general are more favorably received - they contribute to the advancement of humanity through knowledge and research - and often contain a lot of objects (artwork, statutes etc) that are top tier nominations. A driving school is not significant in the same way. It's not a social gathering spot, it does not promote exercise, and it is not a good place for exploration. It's not a thing you'd show a first time visitor to your town and say "hey, look at this driving school".

    I disagree with the others claiming this is a K-12 reject. It doesn't specifically cater to children in the same way that a regular school does. Driving is usually considered an adult activity. I would reject this simply as "doesn't meet criteria".


    Thank you for your reply.

    Especially, @phi2458-PGO Taiwan thank you for explaining the supplementary information.

    Also exchanged views with Japanese each other on Twitter.

    The most common opinion was from denial.

    Then opinion of than the non-approval on the grounds that it is a local business.

    According to Wikipedia, there was an opinion that it was approved because it is a legal educational facility.

    Thank you for reading.


    特に台湾の @phi2458-PGO さんは補足情報を説明していただきありがとうございました。




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