Nomination taking too much time to approved or rejected after cooldown was introduced.

When I first started Nominating waypoints it used to get accepted or rejected very fast like within 1 week & maximum 30 days. But slowly slowly I noticed it was taking time for decision to come up. So I decided to do survey among all level 39+ Pokemon go players i knew (back then only level 39+ could use wayferer) to ask them how often they use wayferer to review Nominations submitted by others or track their Nomination. Even today when level 38 player can review it's Taking more then 3 months for Nomination to get results.

Most of players told me they lost motivation to review after introduction of cooldown for quick reviews because they had to now spend more time to review (so called quality time ) in their busy life schedule which they would have put In playing Pokemon go for little extra hours or do some other activities. Most of them also said they were pissed off with such move by Naintic since they felt they were helping Naintic by doing reviews job for free without any rewards or getting paid & now they had to spend more time on wayferer. They also said they could judge majority of wayferer without need to spend 10 to 20 minutes on any Nomination & they hated when they had to wait few minutes while revwing to prevent cooldown from getting triggered. They also said they used to do reviews since they never got to review their own submission & with introduction of cooldown they got bored, they had to be careful to see that they aren't too fast in eyes of wayferer.

I personally feel Naintic should do something to motivate people to review again by introducing some in game rewards after finishing daily or weekly reviews (besides medals ) like given them free premium pass or pokecoins or garunteed Shiny or exclusive move for Pokemon or egg or incubator or feild research or Elite TMs etc etc.

Same way they can also introduce some cool rewards in ingress like Ap or apex after completing certain reviews etc.

Hope you guys do something to motivate people to review so that our Nomination's results come little faster.

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