First nomination rejected

Hello everybody! I got my first nomination rejected and I would like to know why and maybe what I can do to improve it? Could you please help me understand it better?


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    Can you post all your submission info rather than the rejection email so we can get a better idea of what your submission is and what you might have gotten knocked for?


    So, am I understanding correctly that you submitted this as a trail marker, basically?

    If it's just a name sign for the area, then it's not valid. I'm guessing people might have taken it that way? It's also hard to tell from the snippet you've given us, but how accessible is this to pedestrians? Without the supporting photo or a map link, it looks like this is only accessible to cars. It's not easily and safely available to passersby, then it isn't valid for that reason.

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    Looking at the one photo, I would call this a "generic" street sign or road sign. We need to see you full nomination - both photos and supporting text - to get a better idea of your submission.

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    @TorvoTeratos-PGO @sogNinjaman-ING

    Thank you for your answers! The wayspot is safely accessible to pedestrians since it is encircled by a sidewalk and there is a pedestrian crossing not far away from it. The sign shows the beginning of the pass, there’s the name and also the altitude (237m) written on it. I’ll post the pictures in the following comment.

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    Bonjour, certains réviseurs ont pu considérer cette proposition générique étant similaire à des panneaux d'indications routières ordinaires.

    S'il s'agit d'un lieu à explorer étant donné sa valeur culturelle et historique, mentionnez-le dans le.s informations supplémentaires que cet endroit est "un endroit idéal pour l'exploration" et expliquez pourquoi.

    S'il s'agit d'un point de repère pour le.s randonneurs, essayez de fournir davantage d'informations : avez-vous un lien vers un site Web qui parle de cet endroit? N'hésitez pas à mentionner dans ce cas que le.s points de repères de sentiers sont éligibles tels que clarifié dans le AMA de novembre 2020 à titre d'"endroit idéal pour faire de l'exercice".

    J'ai trouvé ceci, peut-être cela pourra mettre sur une piste :

    English :

    -Some reviewers might have thought it's a generic road sign.

    -If this place have some historic or cultural value, explain why, give some references/URL and tell us that it meets the criteria of exploration.

    -If this is used as a trail marker for hikers, try to give some references and don't hesitate to help reviewers telling them that it acts as a "visual indicator" for this trail as discussed in November AMA.

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    The location is fine - pedestrian access is ok as we can see now. The sign still looks to me like a "generic" type of road sign or town name sign. You need to explain why this should be a waypoint.

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    Thank you, I’ll try and do that! Since it’s my first time, I only need to figure out how to modify my nomination or resubmit it, thanks!


    Merci pour la réponse et **** éclaircissements! **** liens sont super pour illustrer la proposition, j’en ferai bon usage! Je n’ai plus qu’à voir comment modifier ou soumettre à nouveau ma proposition améliorée, merci beaucoup!

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