Banned words during POI submission

Yesterday I've got an error message during my submission. It's called:

"ERROR: PoiDescription contains one or more banned word"

Well, now I had to check all the words, that I used in the description. Why isn't there any list of banned words, for example in another tab of the wayfarer interface.

Now the uncensored text in german - the translation is below;

""Ein sehr großes Wandgemälde, dieses 12 Vögel in abstrakter Form zeigt. Der Bau des Gebäudes wurde 1933 begonnen. Während des zweiten Weltkriegs war Baustopp. Fertigstellung war letztendlich 1953. Das Gemälde wurde 1960 angebracht."

Now which word ist not allowed, "Weltkrieg"? Wrong, after trying around for a long time, about 45 minutes, another community discovered that "Vögel" are not allowed.

And another request, publish a banned list with the words that are not allowed. How can we discover that "Vögel" are not allowed...

Thanks a lot

"A very large mural showing 12 birds in abstract form. Construction of the building began in 1933. Construction was stopped during World War II. It was finally completed in 1953. The painting was added in 1960."
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