Wayfarer localization / translation

Hey there.

I just want to bring up a point, which is annoying me for a longer time and it's not improving at all.

I'm using wayfarer in english for many reasons, which is fine for me. Anyways, using it in my native language German, is way more difficult, as the translation is just poor.

Let me highlight two examples.

In ENG it is written "location inappropriate" and "location sensitive" - the DEU translation is just "Ort ist unangemessen" and "Unangemessener Ort" - which everybody can see, who don't speaks the language is in principal the same.

A bigger thing, which is way more annoying at all, is private residence.

The ENG translation is very clear, but the DEU Translation is basically saying "private property or a farm" - so a lot of users are 1* wayspots for this criteria, whoever it is just a translation fault.

A lot of users are not reading the AMA to clarify this - so I'm calling you to improve your translation. Of course, for DEU I'd likely help your translation service agency.

@ Mods please move the treat, when it's not the right forum.




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