Nomination Reject for Invalid Reasons


A month ago I proposed a popular local Coffee Shop as a nomination. I used a photo of the mural they have in store for the proposal

I was given 3 reasons for rejection:

1) They claim it is a Temporary display

2) They claim it is on private property

3) They claim low quality picture

Out of these three, I can agree that my picture is probably not the best I could have used, but the store is always full of people and it gets hard to take a picture of the place without people appearing on the picture. The eligibility guide mentions “favorite coffee shops” as elegible because they are “a great place to be social”, and this shop is certainly like that. What is recommended in this case?

I have major concerns about the other 2. I nominated a Coffee shop, what could have lead reviewers to believe this is a temporary display? In the supporting picture there were a couple of Christmas decorations on the main facade of the Coffee shop, but having temporary decoration doesn’t make the wayspot itself a Temporary Display, nor did i use a picture of this temporary decorations as the main picture. What could have gone wrong here?

The worst one is the claim that my nomination was on private property. This is a public plaza and while the map shown in wayfarer is outdated and doesn’t show the marker for the coffee shop itself, going to google maps shows that the coffee shop is there on a plaza which is visited by a ton of people. The satellite view shows that this is plaza too, so why would they think this is on private property?

Any recommendations? Can I resubmit it?



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