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Title of the Wayspot: Golden Hair

Location: 48.862514,2.288325

Suggested location: 48.862475 2.288371 (magenta marker)

City: Paris

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Photosphere https://goo.gl/maps/fW1bNpQf4bzW6Eru8


Satellite View

Additional information:

Statue is located some meters away. As you can see in the two pictures. The wayspot "Place du Trocadero, Flore" is also bad located (some meters to the south-west).

By the way, the real name of the statue is "Le matin". Suggested description "Sculpture oeuvre de Pryas (1895-1985)". If it is possible to change them at the same time it would be great.

More information : https://www.paristoric.com/index.php/paris-d-hier/statues/autres-statues/5168-les-statues-du-trocadero-la-statue-le-matin



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