The appeals process....

Hey everyone,

I don't know if Niantic representatives view this forum much. I'm wondering if they read much of anything here...

They are using the same template texts for responding to appeals since the days of Google+ and pre-OPR.

When a particularly egregious or Illogical decision is taken by them, often the appeal is dealt with, without a reply, perhaps because it's embarrassing how either Wayfarer community or NIA came to the decision?

But the worst part of this process has to be.... when irrefutable evidence that something no longer exists is provided, like clear "before" and "after" footage on streetview, that it's ignored... Even when there's a few people all agreeing that it's gone, both agents and trainers alike. After they go to the time and effort to review streetview and attached photos. And no context given, just copy and paste "nah we clearly like fictitious street art on demolished buildings".

Something's gotta give. One person can spend 10 mins reviewing an appeal, and not come to such irrational and inconsistent decision-making?


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    I agree. Depends on how lucky you are.

    Last year I provided a location edit and despite everything provided my location edit got rejected. I am bow thinking about doing the same thing however the whole new system demotivates me.

    Not only portal edit but some other things as well.

    Grosses me out.

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