A famous restaurant in the neighborhood was denied

Title of the Wayspot: 大盛庵(Taisei-an)

Location:38.231358, 140.877866

City, Country:Sendai, Japan🇯🇵

This is a famous 🍜soba restaurant in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

As a reason to recommend here:

  • This corresponds to the "place where you can interact" in the guidelines🚶
  • There is a unique menu "Tenchuka" ❤️ It is a food with shrimp🍤 on the Chinese soba. It looks good.
  • Highly rated on Google Map(https://maps.app.goo.gl/BNCPHZ5EDpNcF1zc8) and Japanese review site "Tabelog" (https://tabelog.com/miyagi/A0401/A040105/4003414/)
  • A long-established restaurant that has been open for about 50 years. I think it is a historically valuable restaurant.
  • Safely accessible
  • There is a parking lot nearby, so players can easily go there🚗
  • Furthermore, the station is near🚇

I have already recommended it twice, but both have been denied. I want more people to know about this restaurant.

Please tell me your opinion.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for my bad English😔


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