Почему не приняли

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Почему не приняли не могу понять. Фотография сделана в тёмное время суток и не из машины как вы описали. Не могу понять вашу логику. Или хотите отбить интерес к игре. Если не будете принимать работы.

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    First, you posted in the wrong section of forum, it belongs to Nomination Improvement Section.

    Second, it was reviewed by other players, not Niantic. It for sure was rejected because of bad photo. It doesn't mean it was taken from car, it's one of the example mentioned in mail if it's rejected because of bad photo. And your photo is rather bad, the main thing you can see on it is snow, your nomination is only on small part of photo and slide is even cut a bit. Also photo was done near evening so is a bit dark. If you can, change your photo format to 4:3 or something more similiar to square format. You have very long photo here, and if your nomination would be accepted with this photo then on Pokestop you would only see snow because it would be cut down to the centre of your photo (I'm not sure how it would look on Ingress, but I'm sure it would also didn't look good).

    So for starters, you need to make better photo:

    1) Make sure your nomination is the main thing showed on photo (it must be on the center of the photo and be easy to see)

    2) Take photo in better time of day (the best would be when sun is high and you can see everything clearly)

    3) Try to change photo format to more square one, it look unnatural and if it will be accepted you won't see anything in your game as it will be deformed to be smaller.

    But I think the best you can do is posting your full nomination on Nomination Improvement section, because only seeing your full nomination we could help you with anything that might make reviewers reject your nomination. Some people rejected your nomination rigt after seeing photo and didn't even read or check anything more after it, so it would be good to check other things of your nomination to be sure they don't need improvement too. Post your nomination in correct section on this forum (Nomination Improvement) and show your full nomination (all photos and descritpion), and your email with all rejection reasons, so we could see it and try to help you.

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