Improvement in pokestops condition all over India.

There are many places in India where there's no sign of pokestops. Players on that region even doesn't know that what actually a pokestop is.

So, I request niantic to try to make atleast a single pokestop in every region.


  • yes many player in my area stoped playing pokemon go because there is no pokeshop in our area if i could make at least 20 pokeshop and 5 gym in my area,many player will start playing pokeon go ,this event can help me in growing pokeplayer in india😊

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    You need to submit them yourself. For this, be lvl 38+ and go to "settings" -> New PokeStop

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    This is the "Tyranny of the Bootstrap", as it applies to Niantic's portal database. What it requires, is some enterprising player from a region with plenty of POIs, to travel to a region of not so many POIs and submit locations.

    Better if you're level 10 in Ingress AND level 38 in PoGo so you can submit 21 on any given trip.

    Part of the point of the "Challenge" is to expand the regions where people are submitting POIs, so that they can in turn expand the new submissions.

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