some issues on wayfarer

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so i found some glitches on wayfarer which is very irritating . ok so normally i get 7 nomination after 14 days so from last month i am facing some issue after nominating 7 pokestop if the 1st nomination get accepted then the rest of the nomination will be gonna reviewed normally , now the problem start over here if the 1st nomination get rejected then the whole batch of nomination (rest of 6 nom) got removed from wayfarer nomination section. but when i did nomination after 14 days then it gets back but it stays on in voteing .(look at the screenshot no" 2 " maa tara temple is the 1st nomination and it got rejected). i don't know why this happening with me 2nd time look at the "1" no screenshot i nominate 7 pokestop and this is the 1st one which got rejected and the rest is not showing . Please do something fix this issue .

In game name - 8981340400wapp

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