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Ok here is a question asking for how to improve nominations.

I have 2 portal candidates that are public playgrounds in a park. (Both are at diff parks to be clear).

They keep getting declined with most common reason being "school property" issues.

But both are public playgrounds, I even (angrily) went so far as to snap a support photo showing the Town of Milton inspects playground sign just to prove they belong to city and not to school. I have written very detailed descriptions (stuff like black fenceline is border to parking lot on north, and to trail signage on west etc)

Is it just I am getting a few griefers or is there something else I should be saying to get the portals accepted?

For some reason I cant post pictues tonight (tried in an appeal thread as well, keep getting gateway timed out error)

Please review here:

43.486769, -79.871062

If you drop down into street view off main road (Scott) you can clearly see the black wire fence which seperates the school property from public park property. Playground is blue plastic slides structure.

I have better photos which I cant post but even looking at Street View it seems obvious (to me) its not on school property it is beside school property


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    To be honest, without a really convincing information, I'd likely vote for 1* K-12.

    Pasting the coordinates to IITC, it shows the playground being inside school property lines. (Edit with the screenshot possibly incoming, getting the same Gateway time-out error.)

    You might need to check the property lines from official town map sources.

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    I have to agree that this is unclear at best. The playground is closer the the school than to anything else. The fence immediately northeast of the playground doesn't appear to actually run along the boundary of the school property, either, as it seems pretty clear that the colorfully marked blacktop area to the northwest is part of the school. A final point, if I take a look at the website for the nearby Optimist Park (, this playground is not marked on the map, and I do not see any photos of this playground on the website. I only see photos of the circular playground to the south.

    Honestly, this looks so much like a part of the school that I think you may be mistaken about this being part of the park. Understandably so due to the lack of a fence to clearly divide the park from the school, but mistaken nonetheless. (Also, the inspection sign isn't very convincing. It makes sense to me that the City would inspect a playground belonging to the school just as it might inspect any other playground within its borders.)

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    Also there is a kindergarten attached to school, yes?

    Fenced area for younger kids, area without fence for older students?

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    I think if it takes as much effort as this ^^^to try and prove its “not actually on school property” it’ll be next to impossible to get it to pass. Generally when ever i look at a playground if i see school anywhere in description/name i reject it. A long with i look at the map and if it even slightly looks like it may be school property I reject it to be safe.

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    I had a very similar issue a couple of months ago submitting a public play area at a recreation ground that is next to a school (but entirely separate).

    The recreation ground has different sections and one is a fenced grassy play area. There is a school directly next door, but this school is actually on a temporary site and doesn't have a real playing field, only a small advenure playground at the back of the building, and the kids do use the public park sometimes but so does everyone else. The school is planned to move to a permanent location at some point and was never intended to be there because the site isn't great due to lack of space!

    My first attempt was rejected for K12, but my 2nd attempt was accepted. Here's how I submitted it the 2nd time - I tried to give detail as to how the school use the areas around and where their dedicated playground is.

    The support info says

    "A great place for children and adults alike to exercise and socialise. This is a safe public play area in the recreation ground, often used for ball games. It's not owned by the school next door - they use the tarmaced area nearby and also have a small adventure playground at the back of the school building. This submission is made on 30th December, and the supporting photo sees members of the public inside this play area, when the school is on a break, as some proof that it isn't school grounds."

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    I dunno why message board keeps giving me such odd errors lately (it just deleted my reply lol)

    @Kellerrys-ING you can clearly see on your overhead view the park trail leading to the public parking lot. The park playground structures (which are clearly signed as belonging to Town of Milton) is the area on south of your graphic

    Fenced area for kids (kinders) is against the school yard

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    Edited Map

    I dunno why it wont let me embed like other poster did

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    Yes the playground is right beside school property

    But as mentioned it is not on school property (as I said there is clearly a Town of Milton Public Park sign which I have submitted as surrounding area photo with it)

    I edited your picture to show the park area (blue)

    As well you can clearly see in your overhead map the pathway from the playground to the parking lot (it also is a public parking lot... thats where people park when bringing kids to the park... its not school property)

    Where does the red outline you have drawn come from?

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    I don't claim to know if the playground is on the school property or not. Just telling an outsider's point of view.

    What I see from satelliteview is school children (note the shadows) playing on the school yard and on the playground on their recess.

    For me to be convinced playground isn't part of school area, I'd need to see that from Milton town official map. This is what I found with a quick search. See my problem?

    Note, in my town there are cases where the school uses public playpark (with proper signage etc.) as part of their recess area during school hours. That affects my estimation.

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    Honestly, on map it really looks like a school playground. It's really close to school, streetview is far away from it, and map view doesn't show any fence for reviewers, so it's look exactly as school playground near school parking.

    I think you would have better chance if you do a photosphere near this playground that will clearly show reviewers it's before school fence and not on fenced school grounds (and also you mention this in supproting text).

    I'm pretty sure that people see on nomination page streetview either from Fowles Ct that doesn't show them anything or from Scott Blvd where they also can't see playground but can see big inscription "P.L. Robertson Elementary School" that is visible on school wall from this side of the road. You must prove to reviewers that it isn't on school ground, or they never accept something that's that close to school building. And I'm not sure that all school ground is fenced, it looks on map like only a small part near this playground is fenced, and all other ground has open space so students can acces soccer field without any problems.

    If school ground really isn't completely fenced, then it will be hard to prove playground isn't on it's ground. At first glance all this green space with fields and playground looks like a shared ground of two schools that are near it. And Optimist Park pin is much further from all these sports fields and playgrounds too. On map view it looks like Optimist Park is only this circle with tiny playground and some kind of gazeboo - it even have park board visible on streetview from Savoline Blvd. Without any better view on map it will be hard for people to accept this playground as not on school ground, photosphere really would help.

    But could you show us screenshots of your nominations? With all photos, descriptions etc. If we know what exactly reviewers see and can read, we would help you better.

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    Actually @Kellerrys-ING your second zoom in also shows the Kindergarten section clearer (you can see the fenced section at south of building now)

    @Maxyme99-PGO yeah the fence is confusing I suppose since same colour. Keller posted a close up in her second response and as I mentioned to them you can see the Kindy area is fenced against side of school. The bigger kids fenced area is to west of school.

    And yeah I am sure many kids go out into public parks during breaks; this school supports up to Grade 8 even

    But for that matter, scroll around town. I swear EVERY single school has a park beside it

    Even on The pictures you both posted, check out the Lumen Christi Catholic School. It ALSO has a park + playground right beside it. Yet over on that side there are numerous ingame portals.

    My line of thinking is that because Google Maps coloured the other parkland in green reviewers think its a park (Lumen school) and on opposite side its not green so reviewers think its part of school (Robertson)

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    The colouring is based on Milton's zoning by-laws and how it's marked on the town map.

    All the current portals are located in the area that's marked as park area in the official Milton town map.

    None of the current portals are on area that is marked as

    I-A*105 - Minor Institutional Zone Special

    Playground you've nominated is not part of park area, it's part of the Minor Institutional Zone Special area.

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