NIANTIC PLEASE! update the criteria on

(or at least ADD A STATMENT that that spot is the definitive and current and up to date source for criteria, please?)

I see these posts everywhere, facebook, reddit, here, wherever, where someone asks "why did my submission get rejected?".

And someone gives a reason. A reason THEY*THINK it got rejected. And then some #@$^@#$^ #[email protected]#$^@#$^ tells them they're WRONG and they're a HORRIBLE REVIEWER because they would reject THIS AMAZING <generic brown wooden bus stop bench or whatever they think it is>

Take a deep breath, because i know criteria can and have changed over time...

And I go to, WHICH SHOULD BE the authoritative source.

And i find the appropriate piece of text. And I quote it.

At which point someone becomes some kind of demonic gym obsessed rules lawyer and begins to throw SCREENSHOTS (SCREENSHOTS! Like animals!) of ancient forum posts at me supporting their point that i am a horrible uneducated person who needs to keep up with the times.

Because here's the thing.

(A) Not everybody has time to keep up with a million forum posts, pages of comments, and other back and forth.

(B) Not everyone seems to agree on which sources are definitive. ("That was said on an archived post in the abandoned Ingress forum on REDDIT")

(C) Not all claimed definitive sources are even available any more. ("WELL IN AN OLD GOOGLE HANGOUTS, REDSOLOCUP SAID!")

(E) Followed by "YeS i KnOw It'S dEleTeD, tHaT's WhY wE aRcHiVeD a ScReEnShOt On ThIs ThIrD pArTy WeBsItE!"

(D) Darnit i'm tired of arguing with these people.


(E) Because you know, IF IS NOT THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE, THEN WHY IS IT STILL THERE??? Why not just get rid of it if you can't keep it updated?

[ time to put down the keyboard and find an adult beverage. i apologize to anyone whose feathers i may have ruffled. i really do want to help. ]

But seriously though, it would save a LOT of people a LOT of trouble if we didn't have to fight off claims that it's not up to date...


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