Must be safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians + Roof top items

Does the criteria listed "Must be safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians" mean that people have to be able to get to the wayspot? I see quite a lot of things that are on a rooftop where nobody would be allowed to go (except maybe a rare visit from a maintenance worker perhaps). I generally mark these nominations 1-star, because they don't seem accessible to me, but given the games only care about the 2D coordinates, it's probably possible for most of them to be spun or hacked from the ground, nearby.


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    If you can get (very close) to the 2D coordinates and the object meets other criteria for me it's a GO.

    But make sure you can see the item from street-level and you don't have to stand 100m away to see it. It must be clearly visible

    So if a veterinarian would put up a statue of a horse on the roof of his 1 or 2 story cabinet I would accept it (unless you'd be violating PRP-rules)

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    I guess I should clarify, that in Japan, I'm rejecting things that are 10+ floors up on the top of a roof. Not a single story building with some art just out of reach. I have already-approved things around me where the picture is half cut off by the roof line because it's so high, and it's just a mass-produced white circular clock with black numbers. In order to actually see that clock, you'd have to get a few hundred meters away. All the things I'm rejecting are generally radio towers or generic clocks anyway, but I was getting curious about the 3D nature of "publicly accessible by pedestrians" along the way..

    And while I'm ranting about Japan, people keep submitting every single car bridge they can find, just because the name is engraved into the stone or it has a plaque with the name in fancy kanji somewhere. It's still a car bridge, and even the ones that have a sidewalk (most don't even) are still not really a place you should be standing around playing a game. But they keep getting approved and appearing as new portals and pokestops around me. I know I'm hurting my rating, but I keep 1-staring those as well.

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    The old guideline clarification was that if it was on top ofa building, so lingnas you could touch the building, it was fine to accept. It would still need to meet criteria to be submitted and accepted in general of course, so statues and other artwork, fine and dandy. Things like generic clocks though, reject straight up

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    The old guideline clarification

    Yeah I think it used to just have to be accessible to somebody, but now it shouldn't really matter what the old guidelines said anymore.

    Under the new guidelines, it says "publicly accessible by pedestrians" which seems to me to indicate that the public must be able to walk up to the object.

    So if I do come across a nomination that's actually a cool piece of art, but it's 10 stories up on a roof where most people are bared from entry, is it an accept or deny now? I'm not really sure.

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    That wasn't my point, my point was, for example, a statue on the side of a building or a weather vane on top, the old criteria that to me still makes sense, was that you could go up and touch the building it was on safely.

    the access thing as far as I'm aware is still the same as before, so long as someone can get to it and its not on a school, prp, army base etc. Then its acceptable. I'm sure that came recently and that was the answer, might even have been the last ama.

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    Where are the AMAs kept now-a-days? You had me curious, so I went looking, and didn't see anything in the forums. The help section on wayfarer has 3 links to July, Sep, Nov AMAs (unknown what year) and in the "most recent" one here, it actually says:

    What constitutes “safe pedestrian access” to a location? 

    Safe Pedestrian Access denotes the player is able to access the object in question by walking up to it without putting themselves into potential danger. Objects in pedestrian areas, along sidewalks or paths or in parks/fields are great examples of eligible locations. Ineligible examples include objects on roundabouts or in traffic dividers that do not have a sidewalk/pathway leading to it.

    So right now, I think this is a clear "no" answer to me. Since you can not walk up to roof top objects as a player if the area is off-limits. It does not say anything about just being able to walk up to the building.

  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,524 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The guideline about touching the building was in the old guideline criteria section, possibly under weather vanes.

    That one you posted doesn't really rule out your one, its more aimed at, as stated, dangerous places like roundabouts or middle of the roads, middle.of lakes, that kind of stuff

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    Definitions for things like pedestrian access and this didnt change with the new criteria overhaul. So if its not prp and ontop of the roof you should be fine to accept it.

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    The picture is from the current eligible criteria, so it is still valid. It is a decoration on the ceiling. I would interpret the clarification “access the object” as “visit the object,” not “touch the object.” In this example, the visitors do not need to touch the decoration. Standing under it would be considered as visiting it. And take clock towers as an example. When you visit a clock tower, you need not touch the clock. I would say that a nomination is acceptable if you can visit it safely.

    If I remember it correctly, the guideline you listed is for the shipwreck. It is dangerous to visit a shipwreck at high tide, so Niantic made the rule. I found a discussion about it.

  • KwyjiboHan-PGOKwyjiboHan-PGO Posts: 120 ✭✭✭

    I have access to communal rooftop gardens featuring a pergola and seating, but have not submitted it because I have no trust that it would get approved.

  • purplepopple-INGpurplepopple-ING Posts: 189 ✭✭✭

    I just turned down one of these because the submission was from a random point in town you could view the tower, not the actual tower.

    (I also turned down a rail crossing, and two things in the center of roundabouts. )

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    I have two further cases (photos as presented to me) where I didn't know what to do - accept or reject.

    Here a rooster on a rooftop, where you can stand actually right below the rooster, but evidently you cannot touch it. I tend accept

    And here a beautiful mural, clearly visible from the street but also clearly you can touch it only by entering. I tend to reject

    What would you say

  • Maxyme99-PGOMaxyme99-PGO Posts: 953 ✭✭✭✭✭

    From this photos alone both looks like part of PRP (private single family house), so they're both ineligible. Maybe second isn't on single family house (I can see some plaque on wall that might explain what kind of building it is, but I can't read it, it's too far), so if this isn't single family house, I think mural might be accepted.

    The rooster looks to me as generic weather vane (many are made as roosters) that you can buy in many shops, so it's not really eligible.

    But for public and safe pedestrian case, if mural and rooster wasn't on PRP, and rooster was something else on a roof (like non-generic statue) that you can see on this roof when you stand near building and you can go to the wall of building or really close to it, then I think they would be considered safe acces by pedestrians.

    Remember that there can also be POIs with restricted acces, that are available only for some players (like POIs on buisness that can be accesed only by workers of this place, or playgrounds on guarded estate where only residents can acces, and safe and public accesible mean that at least one person can acces them by going to them by foot :)

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