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    Kind of related I guess to this entire chat, but are people allowed to livestream or record themselves reviewing on Wayfarer? Noticed this YouTuber is also giving borderline advice as they go.

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    To your 1st paragraph: Therefore your initial statement was very short and shallow, especially since you didnt mention the fault in the German wording of the rules and you only blamed him. So let's simply wait, what @NianticCasey-ING or other staff members may think about this - there is need for a further statement.

    To your 2nd paragraph: That's exactly what I wanted to trigger: you totally neglect the 2nd sentence of the clarification about these signs, that states, that all individually have to be evaluated depending on ther degree of being educational content. Your memorial-plaque argument can only be applied to a very few examples. A streetname-info-sign about a n4zi-regime-victim, that lived in that street, similar to the Stolpersteine-project woud be a easy 4/5* example. It's definitely educational content then.

    Way around: For example a Einstein-street with additional plaque with in a new built neighbourhood, where all streets are named after some physicists for random reason would be a bad candidate, as long as there is only additional information given like "Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, physicist". Such a low educational content doesnt outdo concerns about the generic style of streetsigns to convince me to give more than 2 stars here. And that's exactly, what the 2nd sentence of the clarifications wants me to do: differentiate.

    But I know, that we won't come to an end in that discussion, so we should stop that here xD

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    Wow, ok that is the peak of impudence. Dont know where your comment went @BochumJules-PGO but it made me watch the video too and he really keeps accepting these waypoints with the same confused arguments stating that he does not want to get homogenized ...

    Cant believe this, but @NianticAtlas, I guess your measures did not have any effect at all.

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    Theoretically you are right. But that is the general understanding of rating waypoints. Every object has to be proven for its cultural, educational, artistic, ..., value. That is nothing special. In practise, I barely see street signs with additional information that are about generally known people. Most of these dedicate to regional personalities precisely because they want to offer educational content. An Einstein does not need further explanation and thats why he wouldnt get an additional sign in 95%+ of the cases.

    The problem is that way too many people reject the valid candidates, which are the overwhelming majority of these signs and that problem intensifies due to argumentations like yours. Why directing this discussion into whataboutism, if the real problem is completely different?

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    πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Γ€hm What ....

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    Again and Again and Again .....

    @NianticCasey-ING pls Update or Refresh the Guidelines for Watermark πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ !?

    Is this activ or up to date ? Or is it useless ?

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    We now have rejection for watermark on rejection list. Use it for nominations like that, I saw really big improvement for watermarked photos after it was added. Before watermark on rejection list I get 3-4 nominations from ten with watermark (sometimes it was 6 from 10 or even higher), but after watermark was added on rejection list I get 1-2 maybe 3 nominations like that on 100 nominations, sometimes I don't even get one in 100 nominations. So Niantic did somoething about it ;)

    If this you tube guy review wrong, then sooner or later his rating will fall to poor and his reviewing won't matter much for these nominations. We can't really do much about him, maybe leave some comments about him reviewing wrong on his videos.

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    The Question is .....the old AMA, are they actvie ....or not ! Thats the discusion. Because this YoutubeGuy and some others, said they are Useless because they are NOT in Wayfarer AND the German Wording is πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

    πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ and if you can read the big Screenshot with the speach from this Guy, You can See (in his words) this Frorum On Wayfarer is just a Joke for people which feel Important by them self.

    So in the next Wayfarer Update, we need an Update for All Old & New AMA's !!!!

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    If you have a look at the help section, you will find 3 AMAs there. The one from November being the most useful one, because it contains some criteria clarifications. Why do you think that this part of the help section is inactive? This guy's rant is based on thin air. The relevant AMAs are right there in the help section and are easy to find.

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    That's not the point of the question. There are lots of AMAs, that are older than wayfarer. And since they are questions about Ingress in general and not only OPR/wayfarer, it's not easy to have an overview about evrything in there....

    My point of view: They are statements of a community manager, the reviewing related stuff is often not answered directly by him and he often mentioned, that he asked the OPR/wayfarer staff. So in general the old AMA should be used in discussions, but you should use and trust them carefully and take every word with a pinch of salt. Nethertheless they are very useful to understand how Niantic thinks about a lot of examples:

    The most important one in my oppinion is the statement about limited accessible area like company ground or gated communities: ... If you check the appeal section (I have lots of examples from France or Russia/Ukraine in mind, where lots of agents try to remove anchor portals on company grounds) you will see, that Niantic still acts according to this old statement.

    Further: at the start of wayfarer there was a changelog. According to the style how Niantic used that changelog, the logic behind it suggests, that the old AMA answers aren't deleted. They are simply not written down anymore, since lots of answers are complicated, because there was a person in the middle, so the same effect like in the game Chinese Whispers.

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    Honestly speaking, in this thread about the bridge you chose not to show your full nomination and instead engage in some strange arguments that did not lead anywhere. I mean, that would have been an easy submission to fix, but yeah, what can you do. Even this thread is a waste of energy. The majority of this forum is nitpicking and people wanting to be right. In the end, almost everything can be a good submission, you just need to present it the right way.

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    You can turn it off in the settings

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