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So I’ve submitted 2-3 areas that are brand new and aren’t even on google maps. There aren’t explores in my area it seems like because they’ve rejected my submissions. How do I get this resolved and how can I get more people to explore my area when it’s in the country?


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    For the clubhouse as its new you would need to include links in the support statement to any offical website confirming its real and there.

    I'm assuming that reviewers did what I did and did a quick google search for it and came up with no results for it just future planning notes and developers intentions, nothing to say its actually there.

    As to the trails, you need something to prove its a trail, i.e. a trail marker sign, otherwise its just a generic path and instant 1*

    Thats without taking into account the first picture which is just a landscape scenery shot, theres no visable POI just some nice looking scenery, so its an instant reject for that.

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    You would also need to take away the word "view". Everytime this is on a POIs name (as long as it is not the official name), your submission will get rejected, since it gives the POI a different meaning.

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    Thank you for the great I formation! I’ll get right on these and resubmit ASAP

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